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Mine Action Services

Deminer excativating
Deminer pin-pointing the alarm
Demining Croatia 2
Demining Croatia
Demining in knee position
Demining on Special AP Mine Shoes
Manual Demining
Marine Demining Angola
Under Water Demining
AArdvark - Mechanical Demining
Mechanical  Demining
Mechanical Demining MV-4
Mechanical Demining Sifter
Mechnical Demining with Excavator
MV4 Mechanical Demining
Excavator Cutting Vegetation Mulchere Mechanical Demining
Excavator with Vegetation Cutting Tool  in Minefield Clearance Operation
Mechanical Demining Machine AP Minefield
Mine Wolf in South of the Dead Sea, Israel. Anti Personal Mines M35
מכונה לפינוי מוקשים מכאני - פרויקט נאות הכיכר חברת מעברים
Angola Demining
Deminers Camps - Angola
Demining Landscape
Demining Medical Evacuation
Manual Landmine Clearing
Manual Vegetation Cutting
Sifter Demining Operation
Building Search
Deminer Cleaning Building
Task preparation
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