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Global Logistics

Check in at The Middle of Nowhere
Maavarim offer turnkey global logistics, guaranteeing adherence to your particular HSE as well as our own strict standard operating procedures. Thanks to an excellent network of international contacts, we can quickly take care of all bureaucratic procedures and set up a fully self-sufficient customised camp for you on short notice.  
Fly camps
We have our own fleet of aircraft for permanent and nomadic fly camps, and all camps come with a full range of infrastructure – from transport, accommodation and communications to mechanical workshops, medical clinics and supply lines. It’s a complete package that will enable your people to focus on their own areas of expertise.
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Medical teams
Our teams of doctors and medics come with extensive experience from military as well as civilian general practice and trauma care. They are available as part of our camp services or as consultants to clients who run their own camps.
Explosives storage
Maavarim’s short- and long-term explosives storage services build on our vast experience in demining and EOD. Every storage facility offers optimal safety and is supervised by qualified managers who always remain on site.
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