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Explosive Detection

Maavarim developed fast and efficient, adjustable and remote system for detection of explosive traces. This system is based on unique sampling technology and subsequent three stand-alone detection techniques (layers): canine, chemistry and electronic devices. The proprietary sampling method is able to collect explosive traces and vapors from various objects, volumes and surfaces such as transportation vehicles, agriculture goods, containers, chambers and etc. The sampling can be carried out on several objects simultaneously, affording fast screening of numerous amounts of objects in relatively short time. After sampling of the objects, the samples are tested by MLETDTM in parallel and the results are immediately obtained and recorded. These three detection layers overlap each other, affording reliable explosive trace detection and significantly minimalizing false and positive alarm incidents. The true alarm signal is immediately transferred to the authorities.  MLETDTM can be used in various lad shafts and constructions with short set up/adjustment time and is able to screen cost effectively hundreds of objects per day.
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Proprietary air pump/pulse technology for simultaneous collection of the explosive traces and vapors from several objects into filter cluster. After collection of a few minutes the filter cluster is transferred to MLETDTM for the detection of explosives.

First detection layer: canines

Maavarim's first detection layer is based on the Canine abilities for explosive detection. Canine analysis is performed in an environmentally controlled room in which temperature & humidity are adjusted for best and long term detection results along with zero external diversions.

Second detection layer: chemistry

Maavarim's chemical explosive detection layer includes fast colorimetric and fluorescent detections of traces of military and improvised (homemade) explosives. The immediate colored result of the chemical reaction or fluorescent emission/bleaching under UV irradiation, perform a positive detection of explosive material. 


Third detection layer: ITMS

As a third layer of explosive trace detection Maavarim uses Morpho'sIon Trap Mobility Spectrometer (ITMS) .This equipment is flexible, reliable and lightweight desktop detector simultaneously analyzes both positive and negative ions, allowing the detection of a broad range of explosives in sub-nano gram range that meet current market threats. Quick analysis yields results inapproximately 5 seconds per sample enabling routine and very fast conformation of detection results resulted from another two detection layers used by Maavarim: chemistry and canines. 
Maavarim's REDS system is capable of identifying the majority of explosives currently in use: 
  •  Nitro aromatic explosives: (TNT, DNT, TNB, TETRYL, picric acid).
  • Nitro ester explosives: (NG, PETN, RDX, HMX, NC, C4, SEMTEX, smokeless powder).
  • Inorganic nitrate explosives: (including sodium, potassium, ammonium and urea nitrates).
  • Inorganic chlorates and bromates explosives.
  • Organic peroxide explosives: (TATP, ACP, HMTD).


  •  Detection within few minutes
  • No direct contact with the subject checked
  • 99% detection
  • 2% false alarm 
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